A new challenge...

It?s been a very exciting month for me, both school and work-wise. I?m very happy with the results of my exams and I have a new challenge to throw myself into at work.

Before I tell you about I?m going to be doing, I?d like to tell you a little (actually, a lot) about what I?m doing now.

On July 17th 2006, I started working my first job (at 19 years old :)). I was a (very) junior IT Consultant, working for Cegeka. The project assigned to me was the 1st line helpdesk of a large Belgian bank. I arrived there in the midst of the migration from Windows NT4 to Windows XP, so there was more then enough work to be done...The first six months, all I did was support user by phone (taking about 50/60 phone calls each day). That might sound easy, but I can assure you it ain?t. The next 6 months, I combined my phone-work with setting up a support-system for daughter-companies, foreign branch offices and 3rd parties using our systems (mostly located in Eastern Europe).

After little over a year, I was promoted to the ?1,5 line? team, a small group of people within 1st line with a more technical knowledge, we do incident-solving (basically 2nd line work), ticket-analyses, training, writing procedures, special projects, meetings, rollout, ....

And now, 2,5 years later, I?m still part of that team. I (or should I say we, because there is no I in our team :)) saw a lot of people come and go (both in our team and at 1st line), but the core of our team stayed the same and it?s real pleasure to work with these people. The job itself is very challenging. Long days, constantly changing information and switching between projects.

One of the big projects we (and every other IT-person in the company) are now working on is the migration to Windows Vista (please don?t go ?why vista and not just 7?, after a 3-year pre-study, one can?t just start over). The idea behind moving to Vista is to get HQ, all subsidiaries and daughter-companies running the same platform, so the scope of this project is gigantic (which is why we call our Vista platform ?GLOW?, for GLObal Workstation). We just started the mass-rollout in Belgium and needless to say we?re being swamped with work (supporting the ?old? XP and new Vista environment). And it?s not just our department that can?t keep up, 2nd and 3rd line are naturally and overloaded with work.

And this is where it get?s interesting again :)

During our latest team-meeting, our team-leader made a whole speech about how 2nd line needs needs people who already have lots of knowledge of both platforms and how they need them fast. And we connected the dots :)

After a couple of weeks of speculating and gossiping, without any official news from anyone, we knew nothing more. And then 3 weeks ago, I had a little talk with our team-leader and then she told me that they intended to send me to 2nd Line. And if I was ok with that :)

And that was that. Coming monday, I'll be working at 'Systemdesk HQ', operating mostly from our office on the Brusselsesteenweg in Leuven (which is a 10 minute walk from my apartment :)).

That also means that friday was my last day at Service Desk, which was tougher then I had expected. I've worked very closely with these people, day in, day out, for the past 3,5 years and I'm going to miss them like crazy (mostly Evie, Ben, Vicky, Cindy :)). I'm hoping my new job takes me to Mechelen now and then (my new department also has people there so we should be able to work something out), so I can keep in touch with them. And if not on the job, I'm sure we'll see each other somewhere else :)

So tomorrow is the big day. Here I go!