Help Portrait 2010

A couple of weeks ago I heard Filip and Frederik talking about Help Portrait.

It immediately struck my interest and I signed up a couple of days later.

What is Help Portrait? Help Portrait is a movement of photographers that want to give their images to the people in those images. Taking a photo of someone, printing it and giving it to them as a gift. Our 'target-audience' is basically anybody that comes by, but specifically it's the less fortunate that live here I our own country, elderly people, families that moved here from other countries, all people who don't usually get their picture taking in a studio with lots of professional lights and a team of photographers at their beck and call.

Here's the introduction video for this years edition:

So yesterday was the big day.

I was going to Hasselt by train and was only in bed at 3am the night before so it was very very early…

But none the less, I was up at 6h, on the train at 7h, in Hasselt at 8h and on location 20 minutes later.

Since my experience with studio- and flash photography is limited to none what so ever, I was there to assist with everything and anything.

I had also done some work in the kitchen the day before so I brought some brownies (click to see how many I made :)) with me as well.

Help Portrait 2010

Around 10am, the first people showed up, they got their hair and make-up done (yes yes, we had a ton of people for that as well) and after that they came up to the photostudio to get their photo taken. After that they could have a coup of coffee or some soup (or a brownie off course :)) while they waited until the post-processing team was done with their photo.

I had a very very good time yesterday, met a ton of new and interesting people and learned a thing or two as well (and lots more too :))

I already know 2 things:

- Sign me up for the 2011-edition

A special thanks to Filip, Fredje, Sven, Carine, everyone who made this possible and everyone present yesterday.

- Next year, I want to do some actual shooting as well :)