All right, here's the thing. I wasn't really happy with this website/blog. The design was way too busy, lots of moving things, lots of images. I wanted something more serene, something simpler (in a 'less is more' kind of way).

And here is what is looks like now:

I'm using the Fifthy Five Street theme and I tweaked it a little (change the sidebar from left to right, added the red, moved the comment box to the right) and added the icons on the top right corner to some of my other profiles. Here's how it looks now: (just for reference to later because this might change again :))

I also wanted to do something different with my .com domain. The 'plan' is to host this blog (what your reading right now) at .com/blog, whereas the .com domain will just be page with my contact information, a bit of text about me and some links to what I do and what I like. All I need to finish that page is a decent photo of myself....I'll have to find a fellow photographer take some shots of me :)