Omnifocus: setting up email rules.

For about a month now, I've been using Omnifocus as my go-to Todo-application, as the bucket where I dump my thoughts and ideas and I'm really liking it. (although there are probably tones of features I don't know about yet).

I'll try to write about the progress I make with using this application/system and about little things I discover that I find useful.

Here's the thing I discovered today: In the preferences of the Omnifocus app for OS X, there's a tab called 'Mail'. Here you can enabled an email rule that will automatically create an entry in your Omnifocus-inbox when you receive an email (in that meets certain requirements.

Why is this useful, for me? I don't have my Macbook with me at work so when I think about something that I would normally throw into Omnifocus, I can just send an email from any address to myname+omnifocus @ blablable (my gmail address) and when I get home and I check my email, all those things are pulled into Omnifocus. I then still have to move them to the correct project, add a context and a start/due date when applicable. But the key is that the though/idea is captured and saved. (and I've configured it so that those mails are archived/moved to the trash after they have been processed, so they don't clutter my inbox)

(Yes, I could also just take my phone and enter it in through the app there, but this is a nice feature either way. I could also say that I don't always have my phone with me, but that wouldn't be fooling anyone now would it :).