Linking, the Daring Fireball way.

If you've ever visited Daring Fireball by John Gruber, you'll probably know 'linking to' posts.

The idea is that the title of the post links to another website and that the content of the post is about said link, a neat way to share links and thoughts on them.

I first noticed this on The Brooks Review (go right ahead and add this to your feeds if you like anything about tech/apple). After some searching, I found the plugin that makes this happen and a tutorial by the developer. (the link behind the title of this post takes you to the tutorial)

Using this tutorial, I first tried to implement this on a local Wordpress install (since my php-knowledge is almost non-existent, trail-and-error was the way to go :)). I got it working fairly quickly, tweaked the css a little bit and was ready to move it to the actual website. I updated the code, add the custom fields and refreshed the page. And it wasn't working. The main page kept giving me this 'undefined function' error.

Weird. I tested the exact some code again on a local webserver, it worked. So I created a fresh Wordpress install on the online server, uploaded the theme and the code and tested. Not working. Weird(er).

So went searching through my bookmarks to re-read everything I had on the subject (this post on The Brooks Review and the actual tutorial (see the link in the title). The solution was ever so simple. The code doesn't just work on it's own, you have to install the actual plugin to make it do it's thing....Since there's no link to it in the tutorial itself, I totally forgot about it. I felt so stupid for not realizing this sooner. (And I had installed the plugin on my local server last week as a test so that's why it worked there.)

You can download the latest version of the plugin here (link to the github page)

So now it's up and running :) I added the arrow in front of the title so you'll know when a post is a link and when it isn't. And if it's a 'link to' post, there's also a little ?-symbol at the bottom of the post that links to the post on this website, so you'll be able to reach the single-post page and leave a comment.