★ Supporting Shawn Blanc (.net)

I’m a firm believer of supporting the people/things/websites/apps you like, whether it’s by just sharing the stuff they do and by linking to it, or by actually giving them (some) financial support.

One of the websites that is at the top of my Google Reader is shawnblanc.net. I like Shawn’s writing style, the topics he writes about and the things he links to. Last week, Shawn reported that he is going to (try to) ((“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” - Yoda)) make writing for his site his full time job. More quality content and good writing, what’s not to like :)

Shawn has set up ‘Membership’ program which gives you access to even more content for just 3$/month. (The main content of his website will stay free, as it should be)

3$/month, that’s just 1 coffee. I subscribed. Why? To support Shawn in this new endeavor and because I truly enjoy reading the site.