★ Triggerfinger at Het Depot (Leuven, BE)

Over the past 2/3 years, I’ve been shooting concerts at Het Depot here in Leuven. I’ve seen great bands, taken loads of photographs (even some good ones I’d say :)) and learned a lot from that. Yesterday was a big day for Het Depot, it was the last concert to be held there before the planned renovations start. During the renovations, the crew, the classes and the stage will move to another building on the other side of Leuven, where they’ll continue the normal ‘operations’ (which means: classes, rehearsals and concerts)

With exams in January, school starting again, marathon training and work, I hadn’t been to any concerts in a while. But when I realized that this was going to be the very last one at the ‘old’ Depot, I really wanted to be there. I emailed Kim, and she got back to me quickly, saying she had put me on the guest-list (once again, Thanks Kim!). I charged my (camera’s) batteries, checked my lenses and memory-cards and off I went.

I hadn’t shot any concerts in over 3 months so I was kind of nervous, but there was no reason to be :) It went good and (if I might say so myself) I came home with some decent results.

You can find the sets of images here.