★ iPad 2: Thoughs and why I'm not getting one.

I was only going to get the new iPad it it had a high resolution retina display (comparable to the display in the iPhone 4). That was the only new feature that would really make me want one. I don’t care for cameras, either front or back facing or both, because I just don’t see the usefulness of video-calling. When have you ever done that? (I have myself, on occasion, skyped with video but that’s it)

When presenting the new model during the keynote, Steve started with the new processor. Dual core, 5 times faster, 9 times better graphics compared to the previous/current model. That sounds an awful lot like new display right? Nope. (as was expected/predicted by most tech/news sites) So no new iPad for me.

Another reason why my current iPad will do just fine is because I don’t use it that often. I basically only use it for reading (feeds/instapaper/email). And because every time I use and hold the iPad, it still feels a bit of magical. Such a small device and so different from the other ‘computers’ I use.

If you’re doubting whether or not you should get one, I can’t really help you :) But if you’re waiting because the next model will be even better, you’ll never buy it. So if you don’t currently own an iPad, there’s no real reason not to get this one. (rumor is that we’ll see iPad 3 released this year as well, but that’s far from confirmed)