★ App Tip: Ringer (OS X)

One of my biggest gripes with the iPhone is the ringtones. There’s no easy, straight forward way to add ringtones or to make them yourself. The only thing you can easily do is turn a song from the iTunes music store into a ringtones. But that is going to cost you ?0,99.

When I got my iPhone 4 at the beginning of this year, I faced the same problem. A quick Google search thought me that there isn’t a simple and fast way to do this yourself (the eHow-page for this contains 17 steps…). But I had no other option so I went through the whole process of changing the file type, setting the 30 seconds of the song that I wanted for the ringtone (without being able to hear it before hand) and changing the file extension. A hassle to say the least.

A week or 2 later , when the Mac app store made its appearance, I stumbled across this little app by pure coincidence: Ringer (link to Mac App Store). Ringer takes the process mentioned above and streamlines it into a good looking, straightforward and easy to use application (and it’s free!). When you launch Ringer, you get the options to browse through your iTunes music and select the song you want as a ringtone (or as a sound for your alarm clock).

Once you’ve selected a song, you’ll get to see the wave-form on the right side, with an overlay of the duration of the ringtone. The maximum duration you can select in the application is 39 seconds, which is (I think) the maximum length allowed for ringtones in iTunes. Then you can get a preview of the selection you’ve made, move the selector if needed and when you’re done, just click the ‘create’ button. The selection you’ve made is now copied from the original song and move into the ringtones section of iTunes. Done.

Simple, straight forward. Hope you enjoy this :)

Links: - Ringer (developed by Pixel Research Labs) - Ringer App for iOS