★ Absynthe Minded at Het Depot (Leuven, BE)

Yesterday the Belgian band Absynthe Minded played the opening concert at the new location of Het Depot. The concert-hall itself is much smaller than the one at the ‘other’ Depot, with the stage taking up the whole width of the room. Not knowing what to expect, I made sure I was on time, to make sure that I got a good spot.

The stage itself is also much lower, which means that when you’re in the front row, the singer is just 1,5/2 meters away. I had the 24-70 on my camera to start. But since that lens has been acting up lately (refusing to focus, jamming while zooming out. It’s a Sigma, I know.) and since I was so close to my ‘subjects’, I switched to a 30mm F/1.4. I didn’t shoot everything at F/1.4 but at F/1.8-2, something like that. When I got home and imported my shots into Lightroom, I was that a lot of my shots were out of focus (or were focused on the wrong part). Should have known this, but a wide aperture gives you a very small ‘zone’ to focus on. In the future, I’ll be keeping it at F/2.8 and focus (no pun intended :)) more on focus when shooting at F/2 or lower.

I’m not super happy with the shots but managed to get a bunch of ‘okay’ ones anyway. The concert itself was nice as well, with a couple of new versions of existing songs that were really nice.

You can find the full set of pictures here (link to my flickr-page).