★ Pieter is making it to the marathon!

As I had hoped with all my heart, I won’t be running the marathon by myself in 3 weeks, as Pieter is training again and things are starting to look up. He’s been plagued by injuries during the past 4 months and all in all, he lost about a month of training time. About a week ago he started training again and since the marathon is really close, we decided on a slight change in the schedule, the long runs were going to be 27k, 32k and around 16k a week before the race itself.

And today Pieter successfully completed his 27k, here’s a little quote form his Garmin-page.

In short : I completed the planned 27K, I feel like I’m on top of the world & am once again believing in my chances of finishing the Stockholm Marathon in a few weeks :-)

Hell yes. :)