★ Docville 2011.

Last week, Leuven hosted the international festival of the documentary film, Docville. I went to see 2 movie:

  • The Forgotten Space (2010, link to IMDB) A movie about how the global economy and transportation industry is changing. It looks at the effect this has on workers in China, on truckdrivers in the US, on villagers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

More an essay than a documentary, the movie doesn’t have a clear structure and cuts abruptly from one subject to the other. I didn’t really find it all that good, an interesting story but not worth the 2 hours.

  • Inside Job (2010, link to IMDB) The movie explains, in a clear and understandable way, how the financial crisis of 2008 came to happen. What are CDO’s, how did certain banks misuse them and what could have been done to prevent all this.

I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know more about the financial crisis, defintly a must-see that will open your eyes.