★ BRU - BMA.

As you are reading this, Pieter and I will hopefully be flying somewhere above the Netherlands , on our way to Stockholm, Sweden. Most air traffic seems to have returned to normal, but “it ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings” as they say. So I’ll be very relieved once we’re actually wheels up and off the ground :)

My bags are as good as packed, all I need to do is finish typing this so I can close my Macbook and put it in my backpack.

If you want to follow our flight, we will be on Brussels Airlines flight SN2305, scheduled for take off at 11h15.

To stay up to date on how things are going over there and how we do in the marathon, you can find me/us here:

Twitter: twitter.com/dokus (that’s Pieter) twitter.com/jannemans (that’s me)

And you can also add me on Facebook if you’d like: here

See you when we get there.