★ Stockholm Marathon - The gear

I wanted to write a little overview of the gear I use when I run and what I used during the marathon (and I'll try to give some advice in the process)

- The shoes.If there's one (well, two actually) piece of equipment that is going to be crucial to your running, it's obviously the shoes.Wether you're training for a marathon or running your weekly 5k, a decent pair of running shoes are worth investing in. Go to a specialty running store and ask for advice. They'll let you try on shoes and will let you run with them on a treadmill. In a really decent store, they'll even make a video-recording of you running to analyze how your feet land wearing those specific shoes and give you advice based on that.

I'm running in a pair of Brooks GTS 11, size 11,5 (UK)

- The Socks
If shoes are important, so are the socks. Support, shock and sweat-absorption, ventilation, .....You'll probably be able to find a decent pair of running socks starting ?12 and up.

My preferred pair is a set of Asics Kayano socks. (Another pair I've used are the X-Socks Speed One socks, a good alternative)

- Timing / Heart rate / Tracking
When you're training for a race, a distance or a certain pace, you'll probably want to keep track of your time. Additionally, you can also keep track of your heart-rate and use GPS to track the route along which you are running. This can be done using a number of tools: a polar watch with GPS pod or by using a smartphone and a number of applications).

I run with a Garmin Forerunner 110, Garmin's most basic Forerunner model. It keeps track of time, records my heart-rate and it saves the GPS coördinates of the course I ran. (No training buddy, no heart rate monitoring, no time per lap beep).

- Hydration
Once you starting running longer distances or you start running in very hot weather, you'll want to take some form of hydration with you. Weather or an energy-drink of the like.

Personally, I find running while holding a bottle in my hand very uncomfortable so that wasn't an option. One brand that is very known for hydration-products, and with which I've had good experiences in the past, is Camelbak. So I headed to their website and stumbled upon the Delaney waist pack. It comes with 24oz bottle and is very comfortable to wear while running.
But since 1 bottle of water is nowhere near enough to run a marathon, I upgrade to the 2-bottle model and it served me very well. It has to same fine fit and the bottle or excellent. Highly recommend this one!