★ Belgian Waffles podcast - Episode 0: So, are we going to do this?

I've listened to podcasts for a long time now, first to pass the time during my work-commute to Mechelen and nowadays during my longruns. Podcasts from different sources (independent, Twit, Cnet) but subject was always technology, internet or photography related. Lately, I've listening to a lot of podcasts on the 5by5 network and I really like them (I'll make a post with which ones I like best and why in the coming week(s)).

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Davy asked me if I wanted to do a podcast with him, in English and about tech news. Sure, why not :)

So on Thursday we recorded episode 0 and we're quite happy with it :) You can listen to it here or you can use the feed to add it to Google Listen or Instacast. (The show is submitted into iTunes as well, we just have to wait untill Apple approves it