Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Whenever a new version of my prefered operating system ships (which usually is only once every 1 years/18 months), I like to take that as an opportunity to do a clean install of my machine and make a fresh start. Surely, I could just upgrade and be done with it without the hassle of having to install everything again and that would save me lots of time. But the clean install forces me to rethink my application choices (what do I need, what's garbage and will only be used once), it frees my harddisk from all the junk collected over the past months working with the system.

So yesterday, I made the jump to OS 10.7 Lion. While it was downloading, I make an extra backup of my entire disk just to be sure (I have an always running backup to Backblaze but one more never hurts). A good hour later (my downlink speed is not the greatest), I restore the 10.7 image to a firewire disk and booted from it. Before installing I always format the disk itself to make sure I really get a clean start. Next, next, agree, install and 25 minutes later I was presented with the login screen of the brand new install. (hardware in question is a late 2009 13" MacbookPro, a 2.26GHz Core 2 Due with 8Gb of ram and an OCZ SSD)

Installing apps from the app store is a breeze (Sparrow, Reeder) but I'm not quite used to the concept of it yet: I spent 20 minutes searching for a license for an app which I got from the app store :)

The inverted scrolling takes some getting used to but once it gets in your fingers it almost feels natural (like you've been scrolling wrong for the past 10 years...).