The Limoncelli Test: 32 Questions for Your Sysadmin Team

A lengthy read about the things that every sysadmin team / IT shop should be doing, be it big or small. I read all the way through it in one go and I copied some of my favorite parts from it, parts that I recognize from my day-to-day job and parts that are missing from that job.

Enjoy the read.

On procedures/documentation:

There are three categories here: Things that you want to be consistent, things that you do infrequently and don't want to have to spend time re-remembering the procedure, things you do when panicking and don't want to have to think on your feet.

Policy vs procedure:

For any task you might want to have separate "policy" and "procedure" documents. Policy is what management defines: All new users will receive a wireless mouse. Procedure is how the tasks get done:

On priorities:

Doctors understand this. In a hospital emergency room a patient is stabilized first. You don't help someone recover from the flu if they are bleeding to death.