Suikerrock 2011

Suikerrock is a yearly music festival, held in a town called Tienen. When I was still in high school I volunteers as a stage hand there and now, for the past 3 years, I'm part of their digital team. I 'lead' a team of 5 photographers (including myself): we cover the entire festival, including all the gigs, the side streets, the other volunteers, backstage things, layout of the square, the commercial stalls, etc?

DSC 1799

I put 'leading' the team between quotes because it doesn't entail very much. Basically I just make sure that everyone knowns what they have to shoot that day and I make sure that everything is covered. And I also to all the post processing and uploading to the suikerrock website. The processing is the biggest part of my job during the festival: 5 photographers, 2 stages and 4 days of shooting amounts to a whole lot of images?(from 2000 to 3000 shots per day, before selection)

DSC 2520 2

Long days, short nights and hard work. But is it really considered work when you enjoy doing it? Plus I get to work with some great people, both the photographers and the other crew). Suikerrock, see you in 2012.