Marktrock 2011

(I wrote this during the festival but didn’t get around to posting it until now)

Another week, another festival. This time I didn’t have to go far. Marktrock is a yearly festival in my home town Leuven. Since a couple of years, Marktrock is a completely free (as far as entrance fees go off course) and a 100% Belgian festival. 3 days, 4 stages and loads of local musical talent, what’s not to like right?

I emailed the press contact the week before to ask a photo-pass but didn’t get much (if any) feedback. Then the day after that, Carolien emailed the Leven In Leuven staff to ask if anyone would be able to go and shoot at Marktrock. I happily applied and through Caroline’s contact, I was able to get a press pass for 3 days.

Bellow are some of the images I shot, click through go to the full set in flickr.

K's Choice
The Galacticos