Davy writes about his realization that technology is not the answer for all situations:

What if technology doesn?t make everything easier, what if it?s not helping in the way it should be, what if it?s a hindrance?

One can not but agree with this. There are certainly situation in which being the only person in the meeting using an iPad is not very favorable. And it using a simple notepad (doesn't have to be field notes or Moleskine) and a ball point pen works for you there and then, in that situation, you should use them like that.

When working with your own tools and in spaces/places you control, your own tools are fine. But say you start to work for a company that doesn't allow your GTD-applications or even runs a different OS that doesn't support them, you just have to roll with it and make do with what you can. (And don't start with "well than you shouldn't work there")

Whatever works.

(Davy's tip for disabling vibrate when your phone is switched to silent is worth trying out as well)