The Towers' Rise and Fall (9/11 photo report by The New York Times)

10 years ago. 9/11.

I have an aunt & uncle living in NYC and together with my parents and my sister, I visited NYC when I was 14. And off course we visited the towers. On our first day, jet lagged to no end, we drove down town and headed up to one of the towers around 23h at night. (can't remember which tower it was)

And in 2003, my sister and me (18 and 16 years old) visited our aunt & uncle again and we visited Ground Zero.

And on September 11th 2001, my other uncle was visiting NYC and was downtown, only a couple blocks away from the towers when the first airliner hit it.

The New York Times posted a bunch of things this week and this is an impressive. It pictures the rise of the towers, the construction work and off course their fall.