Street Art in London

During my visit to London last week, I did a guided walk by the guys over at Street Art London. The walk took place on Saturday, from 11h to 15h and along the way we saw loads of beautiful pieces and the guide (a very nice who likes to be called Griff) told us lots and lots of background stories on the pieces and on the artists themselves.

We saw a couple of fresh pieces that weren’t there the week of even the day before and missed some because the county or the building owner had painted them over.

The group was fairly large and Griff kept us going at a stiff pace so by 13h we could very well use a drink. We stopped at Cargo, a big bar/dance venue. Empty during the day but I can imagine this place being quite the party at night. During the break we talked among to participant and had a refreshing drink (the sun was full out that day, 25 degrees and up).

I was really amazed by some of the drawings and paintings we saw, some as large as a building, some so small you’d walk straight past them if you didn’t know they were there. We saw a bunch of Roa’s, 2 sticks, some C215 work, Phlegm and BLU. And the glimpse of what used to a Banksy.

The walk made for a great time and it showed me a side of London that I didn’t know about (and one that I never would have discovered on my own). Highly recommend this to everyone visiting the city!

Bellow you’ll find some pictures I took during the walk (I don’t remember all there artists’ names?)