Eurostar's mobile app: tried and tested

(written on Sunday, December 25th)

London, a city that has captured my heart since a couple of years. It's big, loud, busy and always buzzing, yet it never fails to bring me to ease. I feel at home there.

A trip to London always starts with a train ride on a Eurostar train, which always is a pleasant experience. (I love traveling by train) And since a couple of weeks, Eurostar has made traveling with them even easier for smart-phone owners. They now have an application (both for iOS and Android) within which you can check prizes, book tickets and most of all: you can check in using the application on your phone. No more printing tickets, double checking if you did in fact print them, just make sure you have your phone (which, isn't really a question right, who travels without their smartphone?)

The fantastic guys and girls over that The Mobile Revolution (Belgium's leading dutch news site for everything mobile) received at day-ticket from Eurostar to test the application. I have been part of the Mobile Revolution team for a couple of months now, not so much as a writer but doing sysadmin stuff and keeping the site up and running. When Tom posted about the app and that they had a ticket to test it out, I happily applied :)

And as I'm writing this, I'm sitting in coach 12, seat 45 of Eurostar train 9154 bound for St. Pancras International. Eurostar was so kind to make it a Standard Premier ticket, which is 1st class in Eurostar terms. Larger seats, loads of leg space, a power plug and onboard breakfast. Livin' it up.

Using the app to check-in is pretty great and all went very smooth. When you try this yourself, make sure you don't place your phone completely against the scanner but about 15cm away from it in a more vertical way. (if it's doesn't scan, get ask for help form a Eurostar staff member, it really is supposed to work :))