★ Neighbor in the wheelchair.

I’ve been living in my apartment for almost 5 years now and since day 1, the first apartment on the ground floor was occupied by an old man in a wheelchair (not occupy as we know it today, he just lived there). And for as long as I know, we’ve had a big aluminum ramp leading up the stairs at the front door, so he could get in and out in his wheelchair.

I would run into him occasionally, as he was sitting outside our door or when I was waiting for the elevator on the ground floor. He came across kind of weird: he always talked very fast and most of time I couldn’t understand what he was saying. But I would ask him how his day had been anyway, only to not understand a word of the 5 minute story came after that?Truth be told, I considered him to be just a confused old guy?

But since about 2 weeks, the ramp leading up to the stairs is gone, the lights in the first apartment on the ground floor are always out and the curtains are shut. With the ramp gone, how could he be getting in and out? The only conclusion is that he moved somewhere else or that something happened to him. I’ve talked to a couple of other people from the building about it and they don’t know anything more, nor do they know anything about him. Feels a bit weird. We all passed by him at least once a week and yet none of us (at least the 5 people I’ve talked to about this) know even his name, know anything about him or know how he got into that wheelchair.

Strangers, passing by.