★ Their system doesn't work for us.

Today the majority of employees of Belgium’s public services are on strike because they disagree with the new pension law. And I just don’t get that.

Compared to people working in the private sector or to those who are self-employed, government employee pension are much much higher. So if there is one group who doesn’t have the right to complain…

This country is broken. Rotten. And I want to get out. (not saying that things are all good somewhere else, but this is just stupid)

Another thing: After the last national election, it took the politicians nearly 2 years to agree on a government. 2 years. And while all of them kept receiving full pay for those 2 years, we are now facing a higher state debt, raised taxes and a higher pension age.

Why do we even take crap like this? We should be in front of parlement. And when I say “we”, I mean we the people, not we the unions or we the employers. We, the people.

As for 2012: Merry crisis and a happy new fear. Because the worst is yet to come.

Edit: And don’t even get me started on financial institution.