★ Just Email Me

” I already have a great channel that lets anyone, friend or stranger, contact me and it?s plain old, regular, basic, vanilla email.” - Khoi Vinh

I strongly agree. People sending me messages through facebook, flickr, tumblr, linkedin, ? Those are all extra inboxes I have to check but don’t want to. Just email me. You have email, I have email, it doesn’t get much easier.

And yes, you may get lots of email. Loads, tons, maybe even too much for you to deal with. But then the problem isn’t email. Email works just fine, it’s how you’re using it that’s wrong. And if you’re involved in a ton of things, you’re going to get tons of email, that’s just how it is.

Inventing things like Shortmail or enabling an auto responder by default is far from a solution, if anything you’re just stepping away from the real problem and making it worse. Adding other channels of communication might lighten the load in your inbox but it just gives you another inbox to check.

So. Just email me.