★ Just me and a bunch of nerds.

I don?t understand how the Internet got so big and how all of you people got on it because last time I checked it was just me and a bunch of nerds and now it?s still us plus a lot of people being dicks to each other over made-up problems, and I?m not interested rar rar rar. But still I had those tabs open so I must have been a little interested. Except I can do better than that.
Via Megan

Megan writes this in the reference to reading, with which I agree. But for me, this really resonates with Twitter these days. It really did used to be “just me and a bunch of nerds”, but these days it feels like either the entire internet is fighting the old “MY PHONE IS BETTER THAN YOURS” wars or nagging about whatever is on TV at that moment.

So yeah, I do kinda miss “the good old days”. It think it’s time for something new.