★ Fire drill.

It’s coming round to the time of year when I get the urge to do a clean install of whatever computer/laptop/phone I’m using. Not sure why. In one way to transition into the new year with a clean slate, but also sort of fire-drill.

We all have backup systems in place, have everything synced up to a cloud in some data center in North Carolina and have our computer environment all worked out. But ever now and then I like to do it throw it all out and gradually add the things I’m missing. Why? To make sure all my backup strategies and systems work, to forcefully remind myself that I don’t need all this. To keep me on my toes.

So this morning I checked verified my Backblaze backup, copied my profile to an external drive just to make sure, copied my display calibration profile (always forgot those in the past).

Then I plugged in a firewire disk with a OS 10.7 Lion install image on it and took the plunge.


30 minutes later, a fresh install and a fresh start.