★ Building a youthful life...

Tomorrow, 12 belgians (including my sister and me) will be leaving for Romania to spend 10 days in Viscri (see my post about our earlier visit for more information about the village).

We’ll be doing a bunch of activities with the youngsters from the villages, we’re having play-days for the little kids and we’re also going to try to get water and sewage into a currently empty house so that it can be used as a place where the youngsters can get together and hang out. The project is officially called “Building a youthful life together” and is supported the European Commission’s Youth In Action program.

I’ve just finished packing my clothes and my photo- and video gear (got a GoPro with me :)). I’ve been pretty stressed lately, both by work and school and the combination of the two, and I’m really looking forward to some downtime. It’ll be tough and tiring but a guaranteed blast none the less :)

Local weather is sunny and temperatures are 35°C and more during our visit, the photo bellow is one of scenes from the hills around the village. Beautiful.

(We’ll be back in Belgium on Sunday July 15th)

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