★ Writing routine (and lack thereof).

No fancy post about my blogging routine because that’s kind of where it goes wrong for me. And that’s why things have been so quiet here lately. I read lots of things I like in my Instapaper queue, star lots of neat things in Google Reader but I can’t seem to get to the next step, which is getting those things together and writing about them here.

To “solve” this, I’ve started by creating an IFTTT recipe that sends my starred Google Reader items to Evernote, that way at least they’ll end up on my computer sooner or later.

The thing is also, I don’t want to post a link or an article on monday and then not post anything for the next 2 weeks. If I’m going to get back into this link-blogging/sharing thing, I want it to be a flow of things, not just one-offs here and there.

I’ve been pondering about it for some time and just wanted to put this out there.