★ Crossfit Open 2013

The CrossFit Open is a set of 5 WODs over the course of 5 weeks. The WODs are released every Wednesday starting on March 6th and no one has any idea what the WODs will consist of until they are released. You then have 4 days to do the WOD and submit your score.

The best athletes from the Open go to Regionals and the best of those go to the actual Crossfit Games. The best of the best, “the fittest on earth”. Sooo?what is a noob like me doing even attempting the open? I can hardly RX (= “as prescribed”) a workout, can’t do double-unders or pull-ups. As I said: n00b.

But I entered anyway. Because it’s a challenge, because it’s fun to know where you stand.

I’m clearly not the only fresh crossfitter entering the Open, here’s what Lisbeth Darsh of crossfitlisbeth.com wrote:

And that?s what?s wrong with us, right? This is the kind of story we remember. These are the things that make us happy. Sure it?s fun to see who leads the Open, like it?s fun to watch the real beasts of your gym do incredible shit, but it?s the stories of perseverance, drive, and hope in the face of bad odds that make us smile and be proud to call ourselves CrossFitters. It?s competing, even when you have no chance of winning. It?s putting yourself out there. Having heart, in the face of a world that seems to want to stomp it out of your chest.

4 weeks until the first WOD, let’s get after it!