★ Merlin Mann

Merlin mann tgd

Merlin is best known as the creator of 43folders.com, a popular website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised on Florida’s humid coast, Merlin was awarded a B.A. from New College of Florida.
I got introduced to Merlin Mann through Back to Work, a podcast that he does with Dan Benjamin on 5by5.tv. I have a vivid memory of listening to the first couple episodes: it was January 2011, I was training for the Stockholm marathon and following a strict 4 days/week running schedule. But we had lots of snow and ice that winter so I took a 3 month membership at a nearby gym so I could do my runs on a treadmill there. As you may have guessed, running 2Okm is boring as fuck. That was to the time I got back into listening to podcasts. So I was the gym when I listened to the first episode of Back 2 Work. At first I thought it was weird (dito for this Merlin dude), but after episode 2 I got into it and i started listening to the show (and would continue to do so day the next 18 months).

After reading this interview I went back and listened to those first ¾ episodes again and I strongly recommend them, there’s some great advice in there. Be sure to check them out. (you really should)