★ Put your name on the board.

Why you should join the Crossfit Games Open in 2014

The 2014 Crossfit Games season starts in just under 2 weeks and if you’re new (or relatively new) to Crossfit you probably think you have no business what so ever entering the competition. Well, you’re wrong. Because this is the Open.

The Crossfit Games Open is a world wide competition that anybody can sign up for (last year, almost 140,000 people competed in the Open). The competition consists of 5 work-outs, to be completed over a periode of 5 weeks. Workouts will be announced on Thursday evening (the first one on February 27th) and athletes have until Monday 5PM of the following week to complete the workout. That process repeats itself for 5 weeks. And everybody does the same workouts: you, me, Rich Froning (Crossfit Games champion in 2013 and 2012), we all go through the same thing. The top 3 athletes from each country then move on to the regional level (but that’s not what this post post is about so let’s move on).

What are the workouts going to be? Nobody knows. (it’s ok if you get a little nervous at this point) The first workout is usually something nearly everybody will be able to do (eg: burpees and snatches starting with a relatively low weight), the second week gets harder, and so on… Even though you might not be able to do all the weights or movements, let alone place somewhere in the top half on the leaderboard for your country, you should still sign up. Because the Open brings out what we (or I in this case) love so much about Crossfit: the challenge of attempting something you’re not sure you can do. Give it a shot, put your name on the board.

And you might not make it past the second workout. That’s ok, you can scale it after that. It also gives you a good reference point to see how your skills stack up and what you need to work on (can’t do double unders yet? Or muscle ups? Or those heavy snatches?).

“But I’m not ready”, “I’m not a competitor”, “I only just started”, … I’ve heard these a couple of times over the last 2 weeks and while that might all be true, you should still give it a shot. Because it’s fun, it brings together the community, and it means giving it everything you’ve got.

That’s what you’re here for right?