Sofia in September (for WordCamp Europe)

When I attended WordCamp London last December, I heard lots of people talking about how great the first WordCamp Europe in Leiden (NL) had been. Come 2014, I kept an eye out for when and where this year’s WordCamp Europe would be held. The last weekend of September fits perfectly into my (work-)schedule and Sofia is a city I’ve never been before (I’ll admit I had to look it up on Google Maps to see where in Europe it’s situated). So WordCamp Europe 2014 it was.

As I’m typing this, it’s Thursday evening and I’m on Air Bulgaria flight FB405 from Brussels to Sofia. It’s 22u45 local time and we’ve got about hour to go before we land in Sofia International Airport.

The conference itself is on Saturday and Sunday, and there’s a Contributor day on Monday (where we all get together to work on WordPress). Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll explore the city a little bit, check out Betahouse for some co-working and in the afternoon we’re getting together with some of the conference go-ers to have a country-to-country paintball battle (Team Union Jack over here :)).

I’ll make a big write-up on the conference and contributor day next week, make sure you come back for that!