Lean UX London at The Guardian

Last week i saw a tweet scroll by on Twitter about a UX meetup that would be happening at The Guardian, on the Friday night when I’d be in London for WordCamp. The Guardian? Awesome. One of the speakers would be Anna Debenham, even more awesome. Good thing I rsvp’ed, because 15 minutes later the 75 available spots were gone.

So yesterday evening, after Contributor day, I headed over The Guardian.

The first talk was about the system they designed to show their readers breaking news and the process of how to got there

Next up was Anna, talking about style guides and pattern libraries. That’s something the front-end guys at work have been big on lately and it’s definitely something I, as a developer, believe in. (You should buy her book here!)

After the breaks (and the beer, cheers to that :)), Nick (UX lead at The Guardian) talked about the redesign of the website and the apps, the problems they bumped into and about the containers approach they ended up using.

It was a very interesting evening and it was awesome to see the time they spend focussing on UX.