Back on court

This weekend marked the end of the 2014-2015 badminton season for our 1st and 3rd Men’s teams, both of which I’m a member of.

Yep, I’m playing badminton again. Let’s back things up for a couple of years. I’d been playing badminton for years when I left school, got a job and moved out of my parents house. I kept playing occasionally and tried to find a new club here in Leuven, but with so much new stuff going on (I also got my degree in evening school during those years) badminton moved to the background and eventually I stopped playing all together.

The only things I did that was badminton related was volunteering at the Yonex Belgian International every year. And for the last couple of years, when the tournament had come and gone I got an itch to start playing again. And this year, things finally stuck and I joined a club and started playing again.

And you can be damn sure that was right decision. Not only am I really enjoying being back on court and I’m almost playing at my old level again, the people on my team(s) are great. They’re exactly the right mix between competitiveness and having fun. Because winning it great and all, but if we’re not having fun than what’s the point right? :)