Remote IE

A couple of years ago, Microsoft launched and started offering virtual machines for Windows, Mac or Linux for developer who need Internet Explorer for testing or support. You can even download a VM for each version of IE on each OS (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 etc). I have a couple of these machine on my work machine and their a super easy way to quickly test something in IE.

But on my 2012 Macbook Air at home, I didn’t want to keep those machines around since it’s only got 128GB of disk space. Not to mention that it’s quite slow to run a VM on that machine. So no fast & easy way to test stuff in IE. Or is there? Enter

Use Azure RemoteApp to test your site on IE on Windows 10 Technical Preview from anywhere

You’ll be prompted to install Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client for your Mac. Click the “Azure RemoteApp” icon, sign in and you’ll be prompted with a list of apps, IE Technical Preview being one of them (or the only one). Double click that and you’ll get a new window where, after the user’s logged in, a full-screen IE window will be displayed. When you’re done, just close the window.