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Starting over with OSX

My main work-horse is a 2 year old, 13,3" white macbook. It was my first mac and I'm, still, very happy with it. It lives on my desk at home, together with a 24" widescreen Samsung flatscreen and a bunch of hard-drives for storage and backup.

But I had been having some issues with it lately, mainly that I couldn't connect to any wifi-networks. It would just prompt me to enter my administrator password and then time-out. After multiple trouble-shooting attempts and hours of research that resulted into nothing, I was thinking about reinstalling OSX. That would fix my problem and would give me a chance to start with a clean slate, rethink what applications I need/want, stuff like that.

So about a week ago, I went for it. After making sure I had my backups (and double and triple checking them) and serial-numbers, I inserted the OSX 10.5 disk and let it work it's magic. That was done in about 30 minutes, next up was software update (from 10.5 to 10.5.6) and installing all my application.

I've been working on the fresh install for a good week now and I'm very happy with it. It feels snappier, more responsive and less cluttered.

Here's a little overview of the applications I use frequently (from left to right):

- Finder: default OSX file-manager

- Quicksilver: easy to use application launcher, fast and simple

- Mailplane: mail-app just for Gmail, testing this for 30 days, but it's nothing special

- NetNewsWire: RSS reader, where I keep up with blogs/tech/photography news

- iCal: My schedule, synced to Gcal with BusySync

- Safari 4: My, for the moment, web-browser of choice.

- iTunes: my life-line. Because life is music

- Last.FM app: more music

- System preferences: I like to keep it in the dock, 1 click faster than when it's in the menu

- Tweetie: for keeping up with my tweeps

- Adobe Lightroom 2: where all my photos live and breath

- Adobe Photoshop CS4: making graphics and fixing up horrible photos :-)

- VMWare Fusion: running Windows Server and Workstation OS's on my mac, a life-saver

- Adium: for all my IM-accounts

- Skype: call me ;-)

- Pages: text-editor, I like to get my thoughts out on 'paper'

- Little Snapper: making screenshots of entire webpages, selections, icon. Like these.

Thought that was it? No, you haven't seen the menubar/'systray' yet:

- Quicksilver, Little Snapper, Adium, MailPlane and Last.FM: See above

- Dropbox: let's you sync files any folder between multiple computers over the web. Saved me more then once.

- Expandrive: FTP/SFTP/SSH application that adds your shares straight in Finder. As it should be.

- Caffeine: keeps your mac's display from dimming when it's idle

- Virus Barrier X5: keeping me protected

- Little Snitch Firewall: monitoring and controlling what comes in and goes out on my ethernet

- Time Machine: because you can never have enough backups.

And then the usual: sound, wifi, battery, time.

I plan on writing something like this for my netbook as well, so stay tuned!