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To touch or not to touch.

Readers who know my other blog know that I've been switching fort and back between Blackberry and iPhone.

Around 4 months ago, I sold my Blackberry Bold and got an iPhone. Why?

I'll try to list some iphone pro's.

First up: Apps. Apps. Apps.

That's about it. But that makes all the difference. Having access to a huge range of apps (thousands) at your fingertips.

Second: the fact that it syncs seamlessly with my mac.

And I've been perfectly happy with it. But..

It's kinda slow. The touch interface works well at but takes a while.

It's not snappy. At all.

And I've been bumping into this a lot lately.

What do I use my phone for:

- Calling and texting (obviously)

- Email (3 gmail accounts)

- Contacts & Calender

- Alarm clock

- Twitter

- RSS Reader

- Some web-browsing (train-schedules, checking opening time, stuff like that)

The one other thing it has to have is an actual full keyboard. No touch, real physical keys.

Nothing against touch-screens (you do get used to it) but it's just not what I want.

And it has to reliable. As in 'not crash every 2 days, totally killing the battery every time'.

So I've been looking around for something new. So far the competitors are (clicky):

Blackberry Curve 8900 (Everything I'm looking for but no 3G, not sure wether I want that or not)

Blackberry Curve 8520 (Cheaper model, not available here yet, doesn't have the 'normal' trackball but the trackpad looks ok and is less sensitive to dust.)

And the wildcard goes to:

Nokia E71 (Looks wicked good, has everything I want. But I have 0 experience with Symbian)

So it's most likely going to be a blackberry, but I'm open for other suggestions.

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments!