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The Bounce Plane

Last week, Bunker tweeted that he was looking for people to assist on a photo-shoot. I was free that today so I was in :-)

The idea was that we'd shoot a photo with 'bounced' light, film the entire photoshoot and submit the video for the Squeeze The Lime Bounce-competition.

We alle met up on a parking lot, where Bunker explained everything. Everyone was assigned a tripod and/or a flash, backup-batteries and instructions.

Since I was the only one who brought my camera (besides Bunker :-)), I did the behind the scenes-shots.

And then we moved to the location. I'm not going to reveal much about it, building up suspense and stuff ;-)

Be sure to check out the Pitslamp-blog for the finale result

I had a fun time, learned some new things and I'm excited to see the final result. Stay tuned!