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Looking for a Blackberry?

So I ditched my iPhone and went shopping for a blackberry.

The choices where:

Blackberry 9000 Bold

Blackberry 8520 Curve

Blackberry 8900 Curve

The Bold is RIM's top of the line smartphone and business-user flagship, has 3G/HSDAP and GPS, a beautiful screen (with a resolution of 480x320) and a soft leather back.

And off course, like all blackberry devices, it has a full azerty/qwerty keyboard.

The 8900 is the successor of the highly popular 83xx Curve series. It has builtin GPS, but unlike the Bold it only has an GPRS/EDGE radio, no 3G/HSDPA. The screen is on par with the Bold, a little smaller but higher in resolution (480x360). The keyboard on the Curve-series is different form the keyboard on it's big brother. The 9000 has a wide keyboard, with no spacing between to keys. The 8900's keyboard is smaller and has separate keys (just like the previous curve series).

Last but certainly not least, the wildcard goes to the 8520. RIM positions this one as an entry level Blackberry and it is the first blackberry that comes with RIM's new trackpad (instead of a trackball on the 8900 and 9000). It doesn't have 3G or GPS and has a low resolution screen (320x240). But apart from that, it has everything a blackberry needs.

(Note: All 3 devices have WiFi built-in)

Blackberry Bold

Now that you know a bit more about the options, here's how I made my choice.

Having used a Bold in the past, I can say it's a wonderful device. The operating system is fast, feels very snappy, the display looks gorgeous and typing on it is fast and easy. A winner, hands down.

Before I had a Bold, I was rocking a 8320 Curve, which was an awesome device (untill the trackball broke down on me). The 8900 would bring more of the same. It's a bit narrower than the 9000, so it fits better in the hand (the Bold is a tad bit too wide for my liking, and I don't have small hands). The keyboard is exactly the same as the 8320 so that's a plus as well. Only downside is no 3G/HSDPA. The 8900 has the same processor as the 9000, so it should be equally fast.

The 8520 wasn't released in Belgium yet when I was shopping for my new phone, but I did look into it. But having used a blackberry with a high resolution screen, I just don't think I'd be happy with the 8520. Still, if you're new to blackberry, you should consider this device (which was released here last week).

The narrows it down to either the 9000 Bold or the 8900 Curve. The only thing that sets these 2 apart is 3G/HSDPA. That equals no high speed internet access (the difference between EDGE and 3G is quite noticeable), which wasn't a deal-breaker for me.

So I went for the 8900. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and so far it hasn't let me down.

Feel free to leave your questions/remarks/opinions in the comments. For longer questions about anything blackberry-related, feel free to email me at info(at)