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Belgium Digital Live

Today I went to the Belgium Digital Live event, at San Marco Village in Schelle.

Mr. Unexpected picked me up around 8h so we were at the venue right on time. After getting our tickets, we stood around waiting for the doors to open.

Tim, Bram and me had picked the same workshops, starting with Concert Photography.

The 'theory'-part of the workshop was kind of a let-down, too much focus on what the 'teachers' had already accomplished and what gear they were using (and they got a few things totally wrong...). The other part of the workshop was taking photos of a cover-band that was playing in the main hall. The light was way to 'perfect', too much of it and only white/yellow, unlike any concert I've been to before....Conclusion after the first workshop: it could only get better....

After lunch, we went to the Strobist-class. The room was packed with umbrellas, softboxes, flashes and Sunbounce-gear, so we had high hopes....Besides gear-talk and learning what the guy giving the workshop used and what he liked, we didn't learn anything (I was expecting practical examples and tips but nope...). For the last part of this session, Tom (aka Fotofolio) introduced us to Sunbounce. We moved to the balcony, Tom found a model (Katrijn) and showed us what reflectors can do (with or without sunlight). I liked the last part, but nothing more.

For the 3rd session of the day, we (still Tim, Bram and me) were joined a bunch of twitter-peeps for Lightroom Advanced. High hopes again. Which were brought down quite fast. The course was given by someone from Adobe, who no doubt know Lightroom in and out, but he wasn't able to tell us something we didn't know before.

(you know there's something wrong with your workshop when the last 3 rows are either tweeting all the time or playing in their iphone/ipod touch).

All my hopes rested on the last session: Pieter Van Impe and Bert Stephani from Squeeze The Lime. They showed us 10 (and much more) tips, from which I learned quite a lot. Besides that, both Bert and Pieter are quite entertaining and they know how to engage their audience so I think everyone had a great time. That session really saved the day, it was fun and inspiring and I got alot from it. (more on this later!)

All in all, I'm a bit disappointed, I expected more from the workshops (not counting LIME). And I think Tim and Bram agree with me. Maybe it's because we spend a lot of time online, researching stuff ourselves. I expected more practical examples and tips. And I also think we could have learned more (from each other) if we just all went out shooting together.