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Wearing me out....

I've been terribly busy lately, hence the silence here. That's mostly because of school. I'm still in evening-school, in the second year of a 3-year Graduate in Data- and Telecommunications. Evening school as in I work full-time and go to class in the evening, classes are from 18h to 22h

On wednesday there's Network Operating Systems 1.

On thursday we have Mobile Networks (a class from the first year that I had to do over)

On friday it's Internet-networking.

Wednesdays are not to bad. I?ve been playing around with Windows Server for the past couple of years and have already developed quite some skills in installing and configuring them. And the same goes for my lab-partner, so we?re always 3 or 4 steps ahead of the rest of the class. I like this class, because this is what interests me, the infrastructure/sysadmin side of things. Next year we have the second part of this class, NOS 2 (duh :-)), where we do linux/unix (that?ll be challenge :-))

Thursedays are bad. Mobile Networks makes you think of 3G, Wifi, EVDO, WiMaxx...

Nope. We're seeing how to make AM and FM radio. Both the math-side of it (double meh) and the electronical side of things (meh and burning my fingers)

Fridays are somewhere in between. The teacher clearly knows his stuff (and much more then he's giving us). But he's not a very engaging and enthusiastic speaker so my mind often drifts off (especially at 21h30 on a friday evening). But his class in really important as well, we learn how routing works, both on LANs and on the internet.

2 more weeks of class and then 2 weeks time get my act together for the exams.

Wish me luck! (and a way to pause time so I can actually get some sleep...)