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Blackrapid R-Strap

After seeing a couple of my friends (Filip, Gil, Steven) use the Rapid-Strap, I had been thinking about getting one myself for a while.

I looked around for while online, to maybe buy it in a store here in Belgium, but I didn't find anything. So I decided to order it straight at the source, through the Blackrapid website.

I went for the RS-7 Strap and a 'Brad' to keep it in place. 2 weeks later, there was a letter in my mailbox, saying the post-office has a package for me :)

Blackrapid RS-7

I picked it up after the weekend and rushed home to open it. When I opened it, I was a little bit surprise....They had shipped me an RS-7, but the Brad was not in the package. Instead, there was a Joey J-2.

I emailed the Blackrapid Sales-department and they got back to me quite fast, they apologized for their mistake and said they'd ship my missing item as soon as possible.

They also said I was free to keep the J-2 if I wanted to, and since shipping to back to them would cost more then the thing itself, I think I'll keep it ;)