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Android? Android!

About a month ago, the operation system on my Blackberry crashed and I had to leave it at the store to be repaired (supposed to take 3/4 weeks). So basically, I was smartphone-less...

So I decided to make the jump to Android. (blame @rrradiogirrrl for getting me all excited :))

The phone of my choosing: an HTC Desire

I can hear you thinking 'a touchscreen? No keyboard?' Yes.... (If you've read my previous writings, you'll remember me swearing by physical keyboards when choosing a phone)

I've been using the Desire and all I can say is color me impressed. Really impressed!

Hardware-wise, the Desire is simple gorgeous. The screen is very bright, very colorful and sharp.

Software-wise, it runs Android 2.1 and has everything I need.

To be honest, I'm kind of doubting which phone I want to keep, the Desire or my Blackberry....(and me willing to give up my Blackberry, that's a big thing right there :))