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CaseMate Barely There Case

A couple of months ago, I got myself a case for my blackberry, a Case Mate Barely There case.

I wanted just that. A case to protect the back of my device (my back-cover was kinda loose), but also a case that isn't really there (as in: doesn't add any bulk to the device)

I picked my color, I placed my order and 2 weeks later, there is was. And it was (and is) a really nice case. It adds a touch of color to the phone (well, more then a touch if you pick the bright green version like i did :)) and it feels good when using the phone.

Case-Mate Barely There cse for Blackberry 9700 Bold

I got this case in March (i think, not sure) and I like it so much I shot a little video about it.

Why did I wait this long to write about it? Well, my blackberry was in the shop to be repaired and I felt i couldn't really write about it without actually using it at that time :)