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Apps on my iPad

In the wake of the iPad's release here in Belgium (which is tomorrow), I wanted to write something about the apps I use on mine. (if no price is added means the app is free. For none-native apps, clicking the name will take you straight to the app in iTunes)

We'll start top left and go right and down from there.

- Calendar

- App Store

- Pages (for ?7,99 you get Pages (just like on your Mac) on your iPad, I used this for all my writing)

- Wordpress (I (co)author a couple of Wordpress blogs, just like this one, and this app makes that very easy)

- Settings (placed top right so I can easily tap it with my right hand when hold the device)

- Gowalla (location-based social network, app looks great but I don't use it that much)

- Dash Four (?1,59. Foursquare app, another location-based social thing on which I am rather active)

- Facebook (not an app, just a bookmark to the website)

- Tumblr (same as above, just a bookmark)

- Flightcontrol HD (?3,99. Awesome game in which you have to guide airplanes with your fingers :))

- iBooks (from Apple, with in-app bookstore. Also allows you to add your own pdf-files, big plus!)

- Zinio (App for digital magazine subscriptions, with some free samples)

- Instapaper (?3,99. If you use Instapaper on your computer, this is a good app to catch up on reading)

- De Standaard (?3,99. App for Belgian newspaper De Standaard, yes it ain't free, but it comes with 5 free newspapers (complete newspaper, if you decide to get the weekend edition, you also get all the extras. Without a subscription to the newspaper, you can access the news of the day and the best photos from the newspaper)

- Wide Angle (?2,99. If you like photoblogs like the Boston Big Picture, get this app. The images look great and flicking through them with your finger is a joy)

Then, onwards to the apps I keep in the dock:

- Mail (quite self-explanatory :))

- Safari (for browsing)

- Echofon Pro (?3,99. For Twitter off course. This is the best twitter-app for the iPad I've come across so far (and before this I tries Tweetdeck, Twitterific and Osfoora HD). Plus, if you already own Echofon Pro for your iPhone, you get the iPad version for free)

- NewsRack (?3,99. My RSS-reader of choice, mostly because I already owned the iPhone-version and thus got it for free on my iPad. I like the interface, it has lots of sharing option and it syncs with Google Reader, what more could you want?)

- Photos (my photo-portfolio, this is a great way to show my work to others)

- iPod (music, because where would we be without that :))

That's what's on my home-screen for now, these are the apps I use the most. If I discover any other things I think you should know about, I'll get back to you ;)