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Syncing iPad apps only

When you connect your iPad and you want to app/remove/rearrange apps, you get a list of both iPad apps and iPhone/iPod Touch apps (off course, only if you own the later).

Allthough iPhone/iPod Touch apps will work on your iPad, you're probably not going to want to sync them.

But going to through the list and figuring out which app is for iPad and which is for iPhone/iPod Touch is a bit of a hassle....

I had this 'problem' as well, but have recently discovered a neat feature to fix this :)

Connect your iPad, go the the 'apps'-tab and click 'Sort by .....'

Check the latest option 'Show iPad apps only', et voila, solved :)

(This might seem kind of trivial, but I've told a couple of people and they didn't know about this so I wanted to share it with everyone :))