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Knee update - Are we out of the woods yet?

So how is my knee doing?

After resting for 2 weeks, I had a badminton match in the upcoming weekend (on Sunday). On Saturday morning I strapped on my running shoes and headed out for a short test run. I took 2 laps around the block and things felt fine. I also added some interval sprints at the end, since that's what sparked up the pain in the first place. Things felt ok but I was still a bit apprehensive about getting too excited and giving myself the all-clear.

We played our badminton match on Sunday evening and the plan going into was that I'd test my knee in the 2 doubles I was playing and see if I could do my single. 3 hours later, all was good but I still was not very convinced. The matched were not up to our usually level of play and intensity, so who knew what would really happen when push came to shove.

A week later, we faced a much stronger opponent and let's just say they pushed and we shoved back. 3,5 hours later, absolutly gased from having played some amazing machtes: zero troubles with the knee. All clear.

So, time go get my game face on and kick training back into gear.