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Back to Romania - 3 days to go

Shoes packed. Spare shoes packed. Running gear packed. Cold/wet weather running gear packed. Food packed. Off to bed now.

Our flight is planned to take of for Bucharest OTP tomorrow morning at 10:40 from Charleroi, which puts us in Bucharest around 14:25 local time.

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I'm looking forward to landing at OTP, to driving to Viscri. And to spending time there with my Mom, who's only been there once.

And I'm really looking forward to being greeted by these 2: Goofy and Sissy :). Eventhough we're only in Viscri for a couple of days each year, they know and recognize us everytime we arrive back there. They make it feel like home.

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I'm hoping to keep you posted on our travels and on the race once we're there so be sure to check back here :)